“Shook and her colleagues powerfully blend inspiration and practical reality, weaving together the need for affordable housing, the teachings of the prophetic tradition, and the tangible accomplishments of churches and other faith-based organizations around the country . . . This book should be read by any person of faith ready to put that faith into practice.”

Senior Fellow of the National Housing Institute and Brookings Institution

“Making Housing Happen brings hope and delivers it to the non-expert in a clear, digestible, and comprehensive way. Drawing on the experience of housing providers all over the country, Shook blends inspiration and practicality in just the right proportions.”

University of San Francisco School of Law

“Making Housing Happen gives students inspiring examples of how they can participate in making a difference in the lives of people throughout the community. It is real, practical, and personal. Making Housing Happen brings the dry statistics of America’s affordable housing crisis to life with moving stories of struggle and triumph.”

University of Georgia

“Making Housing Happen captures the diversity of faithful approaches to addressing the wide range of housing needs in our nation. Jill’s brings these stories together with a policy lens and a theological narrative that is unparalleled. Before reading the book, I struggled with how to address the deep wounds of the housing crisis in a faithful way. After reading the book, I was moved and inspired to work with communities of faith to find solutions to homelessness. Making Housing Happen is an incredible resource and reference tool for me as I mobilize congregations to create and advocate for housing with dignity in my community. It’s stories and examples are full of inspiration, hard-earned wisdom and hope.”

Plymouth Church
Neighborhood Foundation

“Shook has collected wise and astute commentary from the experts in the field of housing. Together they offer [the] theological and biblical insights we need to motivate us to address a crisis in America. Church people need to do something about this crisis, and this book will aid them immensely if they are willing to take up the challenge.”

Eastern University

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