June course on Housing Justice postponed

15 May

We want to thank those of you who have expressed interest in the Housing Justice course and have passed the opportunity on to others.  The course was to be offered at Denver Seminary this June 16-27. Sadly, we must let you know that  it will be postponed. If you are interested in Denver’s future offering of this course, please let us know.  Let’s keep in touch.

–Jill Shook, Professor

Course description:

Housing Justice: Theological and Practical Foundations (JM 645).

Develops a theological and practical understanding of how housing justice is part of God’s mission. It provides a comprehensive look at ways to house communities in light of biblical land use laws and the just and fair distribution of land and housing. Case studies are examined, which includes how churches and Gospel-driven visionaries are addressing the housing crisis, creating affordable housing, and transforming people and communities. Interactive assignments and site visits provide first-hand experience to engage with affordable housing developers and best practice models. Two hours.

One Response to “June course on Housing Justice postponed”

  1. James and Elizabeth Stephens June 22, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

    What an important course for our day. Sorry to hear it was cancelled. Would love to talk more about the development of intentional Christian community. We live in the Greater Los Angeles area where the average percentage of income spent on rent is about 47 per cent. Housing prices for rent are insanely expensive. Seeking God for His solution
    Sounds like you’ve engaged in this hard work. Love to hear more. James and Elizabeth Stephens

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