How to make Los Angeles more affordable and livable

26 Jul

This article by Greg Morrow appeared in the LA Times (July 24, 2015) and explains why we shouldn’t be afraid of higher density: that’s the smartest way to make our city more affordable and livable.

“There is no easy answer for the housing affordability crisis in Los Angeles. But embracing growth rather than fighting it can create a city for everyone, not just the most fortunate among us.

“For much of the last 40 years, planning in Los Angeles has been guided by the idea that growth is bad, that more people mean more congestion, pollution and social ills. The city has emphasized “downzoning” — reducing the number of units allowed to be built on properties — to actively curb growth.

“It hasn’t worked. According to the city’s 35 separate Community Plans and census data, since 1970, half a million more people have moved to Los Angeles than were planned for. Housing supply simply has not kept pace with growth, so it should be no surprise that L.A. has become the least affordable city in the country — a city booming in gentrification (the rich displacing the poor) and busting in affordability (for everyone except the very well-off)” For the rest of the article see How to make Los Angeles more affordable and livable

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