Marv’s Place, Home for Formerly Homeless family, the Best in SoCal

12 Jan

Image result for Photos of Marv's Place, Pasadena, CA

I’m so proud of my city of Pasadena. We have just filled this award winning affordable housing development with 20 formerly homeless families. It looks like an Italian Villa. This and other housing first best practices have brought our city national recognition among 34 US cities as having decreased the number of homeless 54% from 2009 and ended family homelessness. The Dec. 30, 2016 Daily News said that, “public and private sectors in the city began working together to fight for housing that led it to see a 54 percent reduction in homelessness in the years studied by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2009-2016, according to a report from the group. The city counted 1,216 as homeless in 2011, but only 530 in 2016. Officials in the Housing and Career Services Department say three times as many people would be homeless today if the city had ignored the problem.” Thank God with me for this great recognition. And may many more cities follow this example. See more beautiful photos here: Marv’s Place, Home for Formerly Homeless family, the Best in SoCal

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