Next big roadblock for homeless housing

27 Jul

Mexican NIMBY’s (not in my back yard) are preventing  permanent supportive housing for our homeless neighbors. Jesus invited the most vulnerable to be the center of all his parables and teachings. We too need to be hospitable God will reward us. Isn’t it better to  have our homeless neighbors housed rather than on the streets?  We now have the funding with Measure H and Measure HHH. What we lack is the courage to overcome our fears and consider what really matters most- how we love our neighbors.


Homeless housing’s next big roadblock

“A  vacant lot between two venerable Eastside landmarks — Evergreen Cemetery to the west and the El Mercado mall to the east — is the focus of a dispute that portends difficulties for the city’s plans to spur the construction of 1,000 units of housing each year for the chronically homeless. A nonprofit developer has an option to build 49 affordable-housing units on the property, with half of them dedicated to chronically homeless people who have been diagnosed as mentally ill. It’s exactly the kind of project the city intends to support with the $1.2-billion homeless housing bond that voters approved in November. But it’s been stuck for nearly a year in the committee headed by one of the most vocal supporters of that bond, Councilman Jose Huizar…..”

The empty lot at 1st and Lorena streets where a nonprofit developer wants to build homeless housing.

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