Rent Control Could Be Back on the Ballot

27 Jun

rent in too damn high


Jill and I were active during the recent rent control campaign here in Pasadena because we feel it is good policy that is consistent with Christian ethics: “good news for the poor.” We see how greedy landlords have been gouging tenants with rent increases as high as $500 or more a month, and it’s perfectly legal to do so. Speculators are buying up apartment buildings,  jacking up rents, and driving out low-income residents. And it’s perfectly legal. Our City Council opposes rent control, but the majority of voters in our city support it. That’s not surprising since most Pasadena residents are renters. The Pasadena Tenants’ Union plans to have another ballot initiative on rent control in Pasadena, and GPAHG will be supporting this campaign. To learn more and get involved with the Pasadena Tenants Union, see

Here’s an article from today’s LA TIMES describing the latest rent control initiative:

Proponents and opponents of rent control are prepping for another California ballot fight next year after the sponsor of a failed 2018 initiative was cleared to begin collecting signatures for a second try.

The new initiative, backed by the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, would similarly allow cities and counties to implement stricter rent control policies than currently allowed under state law. Michael Weinstein, the foundation’s president, said continuing increases in rents are leading to California’s recent surge in its homeless population and hurting millions of struggling tenants.

The prospect of another rent control battle comes less than eight months after voters soundly rejected a previous measure on the ballot. Nearly 60% opposed Proposition 10, which would have repealed the state’s current limitations on rent control. The campaign topped $100 million with landlord groups out-raising the foundation and tenant groups more than 3 to 1.

Rent Control could be back on the ballot

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