Job opening: Community-Based Organizer

16 May


Job Title Community-Based Organizer


Committee Name and Purpose The North Fair Oaks Empowerment Team is committed to restore a divested and neglected area of Pasadena, from Washington Ave to Woodbury Rd on N. Fair Oaks Ave,  to its once vibrant and thriving business community that is safe, beautiful and affordable for its residents.


 Job Summary:  The role of the community-based organizer is help empower the community to realize its goals and dreams around such issues as affordable housing, safe streets, and jobs. This is a part time position at 10 hours a week.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build relationships with residents, business leaders, pastors and other stakeholders to hear the concerns and learn of the assets within area on N. Fair Oaks from Washington to Woodbury
  • Mobilize leaders to meet with City officials, commissions, staff and City Council as needed to move the priority goals forward.
  • Spend approximately a third of the time in the community, a third in working with the city and administrative work, and a third of the time supporting the N. Fair Oaks Empowerment team.
  • Prepare monthly reports to be presented to the N. Fair Oaks Empowerment Team
  • Set up monthly meetings: agendas, invites, facilitators, secretary, etc.
  • Move the strategic goals forward: affordable housing, safety and beautification.
  • To set up a workable communication system that enables sharing of contact information, of word and excel, and attachments.
  • Make sure that minutes are taken and sent out within 3 days after each meeting, with clear action items listed and those who are responsible. Follow up on each person with their action item.

Competencies needed for success:

  • College degree with organizing course work and/or organizing experience
  • experience in community organizing and working with people of faith;
  • flexibility, patience, interest in people;
  • willingness to listen, learn and share the vision of the N. Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative;
  • willingness to try new things, creatively solve problems, show initiative.
  • willingness to follow directions, able to follow through and complete tasks;
  • ability to keep careful records, well-organized;
  • openness to giving feedback and suggestions;
  • commitment to making the work fun.

 Desirable but not required:

  • Spanish language competency desirable but not required;
  • Living in or near the neighborhood is also desirable;

Time frame: 10 hrs/wk. The position will be offered with two-month a training/discernment time to assure it’s a good fit.

Compensation: $20 an hour, with the possibility of an increase if grants are funded and additional support raised.

How to apply:  By June 5th, please send your resume and a cover letter to:

 DeWalt Brown/Pasa Alta West

1773 North Fair Oaks Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91103


or email with Resume and your name on the subject line.






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