Extending Reparations in Pasadena

27 Jan

Co-founding director of MHCH, Jill Shook, writes an opinion in Pasadena Now detailing the biblical precedent for reparations. Looking to Santa Monica as a local example, how can Pasadena extend reparations to Black and brown families who lost their homes due to the 210 freeway? 

To create a community focused on housing justice, it’s important to know our own housing stories. Shook details how her family experienced displacement through eminent domain and yet was able to rebound from this loss. The economic and social safety nets afforded to her family were not equally available to families of color. Decades and even centuries of economic reparations are due to families of color. Advocating for displaced families to return to their communities is the least Pasadenans can do. 

-Randi Bergsma, MHCH Project Coordinator

Guest Opinion | Jill Shook: Should We Extend Reparations For Those Who Lost Their Homes Due to Racist Policies in Pasadena?

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