Affordable Housing Update for April 22nd: Advocating and Educating in Pasadena

22 Apr

From April 22nd, 2022

Our great city of Pasadena is offering a variety of ways to get involved in the civic process. Local and regional residents know that the housing market is getting out of control, and housing prices have hit an all time high. The Pasadena Planning Commission is having a meeting this upcoming Wednesday, April 27th, at 6:30pm and you’re invited to come show your support for allowing religious institutions to have affordable housing built on their underutilized property. The following evening on Thursday, April 28th, at 7pm, MHCH and others are sponsoring an important community budget teach-in. And tonight is the Social Justice Shabbat, hosted by Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center, with special choir “Urban Voices.” Click here for all of the details and a podcast recommendation!

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