Affordable Housing Update for June 10th: Educating and Advocating for the Beloved Community

10 Jun

From June 10th, 2022

This month’s Housing Justice Forum will be on Tuesday, June 28th from 7-8:30pm on Zoom. We will be discussing Rezoning Religious Land in preparation for the July 11th Pasadena City Council meeting. We’ll be hosting Daniel Murillo, Policy and Equitable Development Manager to the city of Seattle, and Donald King, President and CEO of Nehemiah Initiative Seattle. We will seek to answer the question “if Seattle can rezone religious land for housing, why not Pasadena?” To register, click here.

To donate to our summer “Breaking New Ground” campaign, click here. We have reached 37% of our goal, and have begun to have Housing Justice informational home parties. If you’re interested in hosting, please contact Anthony Manousos at

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