“Safe Parking and Safe Haven”: Our January MHCH Forum

23 Jan

Making Housing & Community Happen (MHCH)  Housing Justice Forum

“Emergency Shelter For Our Unhoused Neighbors:  Safe Parking and Safe Haven”

safe parking jan

Living on the street can be hazardous. Over 2,000 LA County residents died on the streets in 2020-21. Two of our unhoused neighbors were murdered in Pasadena in 2022. Others face arrest and citations for minor infractions like sleeping in their cars overnight. 

Pastor Sharon Richter, Tashera Taylor  and Erica Tamblyn will discuss how congregations are addressing this crisis by allowing our unhoused neighbors to stay on their campus and have access to supportive services. While Safe Parking provides overnight parking spaces for those living in their vehicles, Safe Haven allows unsheltered people without cars to stay overnight on the property. Both provide services and a path to becoming housed. You will also learn how you can help ensure that religious institutions can have Safe Parking as a permitted use for their facility and how our unhoused neighbors can access these programs.

When: Thursday, Jan. 26, at 7:00 pm via Zoom

To register, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAqcuqhqzgrE9ABk9RRYcf3xyXiM3OEAezT

Erica Tamblyn is the chair of the Safe Haven Bridge to Housing Program.  A member of the Building and Grounds Committee, Erica is the head of the Paces Deferred Maintenance Team.  She is a member of the Rapid Response Team and the Sunday Food Ministry.  Erica and her wife, Marilyn have been All Saints parishioners for 23 years.  She is passionate about sumo wrestling and is a lifelong NY Yankees fan.

The Rev. Sharon M. Ruff Richter was a writer, editor, and Chinese translator for 25 years before feeling called to ministry. She has been pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Pasadena since 2018. In addition to pastoral duties, she leads Trinity’s Food Bank Ministry, Safe Parking Program, and Rejoicing Spirits ministry for adults experiencing developmental or cognitive disabilities.

Tashera Taylor is the CEO of Foothill Unity Center, which provides emergency food, health services, holiday assistance, personal goods, and shelter for people who live in eleven city service areas. Tashera earned a degree fom Azusa Pacific University and Oklahoma State.

For more information, contact anthony@makinghousinghappen.org or jll@makinghousinghappen.org

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