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1 Feb

Hi Everyone!Homeless Count 2023

It’s me again, Marisol, excited about my second blog entry! This week I’m especially impressed by an article by our MHCH Co-Founder, Anthony Manousos in our weekly update that features our homeless count that took place in Pasadena last Tuesday. Anthony took part in the January homeless count with activist Sonja Berndt and Mark Chase.

He added a quote by Jill Shook that resonated with me and made me wonder: What if we could all take a moment and remember that “…in God’s scheme of things everyone counts and everyone matters.” How would that change our day, our decisions, our community?

“When you’re counting homeless people—and it’s so important to do that to get the Federal funding we need—in God’s scheme of things everyone counts and everyone matters because we’re made in God’s image. Throughout the Bible you find long lists of names of people because people matter.” Jill Shook, MHCH Co-Founder

Stories in this issue:

  • Were You or Your Family Members Displaced by the 710 Stub? Apply for the 710 Working Group by Tues., Jan 31.
  • Upcoming Zoom Event “Yes in My Backyard” with Jill Shook and Jed Leano, Chair of San Gabriel Valley Housing Trust.
  • “Everyone Counts, Including Our Homeless Neighbors” by Anthony Manousos.
  • “Who Subsidizes Whom? or Why Suburbia is Financially Unsustainable” by Bert Newton (with video by Not Just Bikes).

To see our News Letter for January 27 click here

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