MHCH Housing Justice Forum: “Rent Control in Pasadena: Know Your New Rights and How to Assert Them.’

9 Feb

I am so thankful that you supported rent control. My rent decreased!”Measure H

We’ve heard this good news from a couple of tenants, but we’ve also heard reports of landlords refusing to comply with rent control and even illegally threatening tenants with eviction.

Tenants Union organizers Bee Rooney and Michelle White will discuss Measure H (Rent Control) which is now in effect. They will explain its major provisions, such as the rent cap, rent roll back to May 2021, and eviction protections.

Rooney and White helped craft this Measure, so they are well equipped to answer your questions.

They will dispel misinformation spread by landlords and give practical advice on how you can effectively assert your new rights. They will also explain how you can apply for the Rent Control Board. 

 Register in advance for this meeting:

bee rooneyBrigitte (Bee) Rooney  came to Pasadena in 2015 from Southern Illinois to study at CalTech and earned a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and science. She became an organizer with the Pasadena Tenants Union and was one of the Tenants Union members who received the MHCH “Affordable Housing Rock Star” award..


Michelle White has been an advocate for rent control for over 20 years and helped lead the successful Measure H campaign in Pasadena. An attorney who worked closely with the ACLU and NAACP, she is the executive director of Affordable Housing Services. She was also a recipient of the “Affordable Housing Rock Star” award.


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