Affordable Housing News, Action Update, With a Great Joy….Feb 17 , 2023

21 Feb

Hello Everyone,

In this featured article we will introduce to you three amazing individuals from Pasadena using their gifts and talents to serve our community! We call them Housing Rock Stars! God doesn’t call us to be mere observers but to be participants in God’s great work and do our part as people of faith. As someone seeking to follow Jesus, I work with youth and find great joy in doing that. What are your gifts and talents? And how could you use them today to bless someone? Marisol Torres

Stories in this issue 

  • MHCH Housing Justice Forum: “Pasadena Rent Control Is In Effect, Despite What Some People Say–Know Your New Rights and How to Assert Them.” Discussion led by Michelle White and Bee Rooney.
  • Invitation to join us at Pasadena’s Black History Parade this Saturday, Feb. 18, at 9:30 am at Bethel Church on the parade route.
  • Prayerfully Bending the Arc of the Universe Toward Racial Justice by Bert Newton, with video of our affordable housing vigil confessing our racial inequities and committing to righting wrongs.
  • Local Black Affordable Housing Rock Stars: Jasmin Shupper, Michelle White, and Andre White. Video of Andre White telling his story and sharing his Spoken Word “Breathe.”
  • A Great Joy : Our Videographer Morgan Duff-Tucker just gave birth to her first child, a boy!
  • Join us for “MHCH 101” and learn how you can engage in our housing justice work, a monthly series starting March 7.
  • Join the National Low Income Housing Coalition….for a webinar on homelessness and Housing First.

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Honoring Local Black Affordable Housing Rock Starsunnamed (1)

by Anthony Manousos

This week I’d like to give a shout out to African American leaders here in Pasadena who are affordable housing rock stars. It has been a joy and a privilege to know and work with these amazing people:

Jasmin Shupper (pictured above) started the Greenline Housing Foundation that provides down payment grants so people of color can purchase homes. Because of redlining and other discriminatory practices, it has been difficult for people of color and, specifically, African Americans to purchase homes and acquire generational wealth. Greenline raised over $300,000 last year to help homebuyers of color with down payments and correct this historic injustice. She convenes the Restorative Justice 710 Freeway Coalition and also serves on the board of the San Gabriel Valley Community Land Trust, which was birthed by MHCH. You can listen to this inspiring podcast about Jasmin’s work in which she talks about her faith and how her church (Fellowship Monrovia) encouraged her to start her nonprofit. Her goal this year is to raise $500,000 to help people of color purchase homes. Click here to hear Jasmin on a podcast “Nonprofits on the Rocks” by Matt Kamin. and check out and

Michelle White, executive director of Affordable Housing Services, has been an advocate for housing justice for over 30 years and recently help lead the successful rent control campaign. She is also a Quaker and dear Friend.

Andre White is a member of our Congregational Land Committee that advises churches that want to have affordable housing built on their underutilized land. He is Harvard-trained and grew up as a Hilton Head native Islander where his family owns 40 acres of land going back to Reconstruction. He has helped develop affordable housing nationwide. Passionate about housing justice, he makes sure that churches get a fair payment for a long-term ground lease when they have affordable housing built on their land.  

I am grateful to be able to work alongside these affordable housing rock stars as well as  many others in our city who are committed to ending homelessness, preventing displacement, and ensuring that everyone is decently and affordably housed.  Yes, we can!

 I highly recommend watching this 9-minute video of Andre White, which includes not only his moving story but also a “spoken word” tribute to George Floyd called “Breathe.”

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