Affordable Housing News, Action Update, with a Joy….March 17 , 2023

21 Mar

Hello all from Marisol!

Today I choose to highlight a story that powerfully embodies the spirit of Women’s History Month! Anne Miskey speaks boldly and fiercely in favor of our unhoused brothers and sisters. I was reminded of “The Oath of an Amazon” in the contemporary movie Wonder Women as I read about Anne Miskey’s passion. “Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you,” says Wonder Woman. “While I live, your cause is mine!” Our unhoused neighbors need our help, our voice and strength to overcome. Thank you and blessings to our sister-in-battle Anne Miskey!

Stories in This Issue:

  • Tuesday, March 28, at 7 pm. MHCH Housing Justice Forum on 2023 State Housing and Homeless Bills—Which ones do we support? And how? 
  • San Gabriel Valley Housing Justice Symposium on April 1.  
  • Anne Miskey: Champion for the Unhoused and Most Vulnerable by Anthony Manousos.
  • Downtown Women’s Room Video narrated by Anne Miskey.
  • Legislative Priorities of Housing California by Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos.

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Anne Miskey: Champion for the Unhoused and Most Vulnerable

by Anthony Manousos

During Women’s History Month it seems fitting to celebrate Anne Miskey who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Union Station Homeless Services. Anne is a nationally recognized expert on strategic, innovative, and effective solutions to ending homelessness. She is a passionate proponent of the most vulnerable in society and of creating long term, positive change and strong systems that support those experiencing poverty, violence, racism and homelessness.


Prior to joining Union Station Homeless Services, Anne was the CEO of the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) and first ever Executive Director of Funders Together to End Homelessness.

What a great joy to talk with Anne at the Faith Summit on Homelessness last week and also meet with her in her office this week! Anne recognizes the importance of advocacy and strongly supports the work of MHCH. She has hired people with “lived experience” of homelessness (like Shawn Morrissey) to be advocates. She supports efforts like Measure H and rezoning religious land for affordable housing (SB 4). We at MHCH deeply appreciate Anne for her knowledge, passion and commitment to end homelessness. Here’s a powerful message she delivered at the Homeless Memorial of All Saints Episcopal Church:

 Anne Miskey’s Message

March 6, 2023

We must ask ourselves, why, in a country of billionaires, anyone is forced to live in a car, a doorway or on a park bench.  We must ask, why there are so many people who are living and dying on our streets?

 For most of us, we can live the American Dream. We have a home – a place that offers warmth and safety, a place that offers security from the dark unknown. We have a place where we can gather together in warmth and comfort and safety.

But sadly, this American dream is out of reach for too many – for all those who fall through the cracks into homelessness and too often are discarded, ignored and forgotten.

Many in our society simply throw up their hands and say we can’t solve this – it’s impossible and therefore they do nothing.  Others deal with it by turning the blame or the responsibility on those very people living in homelessness. They blame people who may be suffering from an illness – whether mental, physical or the disease of addiction – they blame them for being victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and even blame them for their poverty. My favorite is when they talk about people “choosing to be homeless” – as if 65,000 people in Los Angeles, or 550 people in Pasadena woke up one day and said – I no longer want to sleep in a safe, warm place. I no longer want a bed, a kitchen or my own bathroom. And still others simply hold their hands over their ears and close their eyes, choosing to not let the tragedy facing so many spoil their own lives and dreams.

 Tonight, we are here to say this is not acceptable – it is not acceptable in God’s eyes – nor should it be acceptable in ours. To ignore the problem, to sweep it under the safety and security of our own lives or to blame the victims – is not loving nor is it just. We are called upon to do more and we are called to be more.

 We have gathered here this evening to honor all those without homes who have left this mortal world this past year. We are here to make sure they are not forgotten – that they are more than simply a homeless person – as if that was all there was to their very existence. No – we are here to honor and remember them because they are all God’s children and each and every one one our brother or sister. We are here today to remember and to honor those who have died – but we are also here to see, to see all those still living without a home.

But the truth we are called to is to do more than honor them, or see them – rather, we must fight with them- with those still living on our streets –  and we must fight for them. We are called to fight for justice, for compassion and for love – we must fight for humanity, both theirs and our own. For to be truly human is to love our neighbor whether they live in the house next door – or under the underpass down the street. Every faith has this golden rule – that we are all called upon to love others as we would have them love us.   

Tonight – and going forward, let us reframe the American dream so that it is not just about us – but that it is about all of us – all our neighbors, especially those who are unhoused. So let us come together in love and in justice to ensure that everyone has a safe place where they can go – that they can call their own. Let us remember those who have died – and in honoring them, let us fight together – but more importantly, let us love together so that no more are forgotten or left to live and die on the streets.

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