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How Simple Physical Activity Could Stave Off Depression

5 Mar

How Simple Physical Activity Could Stave Off Depression.

Okay, so my blog is about affordable housing, but there is a close link between sufficient density to create affordable units, proximity to jobs, and places we frequent so that we can walk and stave off depression.

I found myself falling into depression yesterday. This article was part of what helped to lift my spirits. I have also been reading “City of God, City of Satan: A Biblical Theology of the Urban Church” by Robert Linthicum, and was encouraged by his comment on page 176:

“If people believe they are helpless to do anything about the forces that constrain them, then they are indeed helpless.”

We have the power to create change in our cities when we show up at Planning Commission and City Council meetings. Our group of housing advocates in Pasadena, CA, also spends one-on-one time with these leaders.

I thank God that with his help I had the courage to walk out of the downward cycle of depression I was in yesterday.

Jill Shook

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