Are Panhandling and Homelessness linked?

28 Oct

“Despite a 48 percent decline in the homeless population in Pasadena since 2011, complaints of panhandling and aggressive behavior over the past year have risen, according to the Pasadena Police Department.” The city has been discussing strengthening laws, such as confiscating objects left unattended on public property, in order to address these complaints. Yet when I went to a Homeless Forum sponsored by the City of Pasadena last week, the first three panelists all agreed that the solution to homelessness is providing more housing that is affordable with “wrap-around” services.  Wrap-around services means providing housing with case management in order to keep the homeless housed. Out of $100 million allocated to address homelessness in Los Angeles, $88 million was for the police. It is my opinion that most of the money should have been spent on homes, rather than so much on the police. What is your opinion?

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One Response to “Are Panhandling and Homelessness linked?”

  1. Doug Murrell November 2, 2015 at 8:57 am #

    Great article. Years ago, I was involved in a project with the city of Norfolk to address homelessness. During that process, I learned that permanent supportive housing was the best solution to address chronic homelessness. I like your wording “wrap around services” because need for services that go beyond housing is explicit. Now, the fact that a city spend 88% of its allocation for police is alarming. It suggest that the city’s perspective on homelessness is one of security not support. My two cents:)

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