New Course on Housing Justice and Community Organizing that I will be leading at Azusa Pacific University

19 Dec

Great new! “Housing Justice and Community Organizing: Theological and Practical Perspectives” will be offered at Azusa Pacific University in their Social Work Master’s programs!   (on Tuesday evenings Jan 19 to May 3). I will co-teach this timely course with Alexia Salvatierra, who is the national expert on faith-rooted organizing and has written a book by that title.

The housing crisis is growing daily, yet no Presidential candidates are talking about it. We need to educate ourselves, our leaders and the faith community about solutions that know work, if we apply them. This course is designed to provide both a theological and practical framework to address this urgent crisis. A recent study indicated that about 13,000 people on public assistance tumble into homelessness every month in Los Angeles County. This is unacceptable. We can and must do more.

Please read the attached course flyer “Housing Justice and Community Organizing APU Course.. ” and consider registering. If you do not live in the area, perhaps you know of others in the LA area who may be interested. The course is half price for those who audit.

I have also attached the application and intent forms needed to apply to be a non-degree seeking student at APU. You would pay a $45 application fee and submit your transcripts. It take a few days. Contact Steve Syverson, M.Div. | Senior Director Graduate and Professional Admissions | Azusa Pacific University, P: (626) 815-4579 with any questions. Once approved you can register for the course.

Non Degree Application process at APU.

To apply for non-degree is fairly simple and we do have an admissions Program Representative who is point for all non-degree applicants.  His job is to assist them through the process.  Here is what they need to do.

  1. Fill out a Graduate Application form and select non-degree for their program.  (attached)
  2. Pay the $45 application fee.
  3. Fill out the non-degree intent form that explains that they’re here for personal enrichment or professional development.  (attached)
  4. Provide a sealed official copy of the Bachelor’s degree transcript.

Once these items are submitted to the Graduate and Professional Admissions office, I usually have them admitted in 1-2 days at the most.  Again, if they get stuck or have any questions with these steps, my team is here to help.


Steve Syverson


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