Aiding and clamping down on the homeless: A law suit is transforming Pomona

10 Jul

It took a law suit by public council to move this city toward more compassion for its homeless population. My friend Will Watts, who was a lawyer with public council played a key role. As a Christian I use to think  lawsuits would be unacceptable. However when it comes to housing  and  the  lack  of  accountability  by our cities to meaningfully address the homeless crisis I have seen how law suits are not only necessary but also transforming. I am proud of you Will.

Aiding-and clamping down on-the homeless

“The band shell at Pomona’s Ganesha Park is a cozy spot where an acting troupe might perform Shakespeare on a summer night.  But on a brisk January morning, four tents held center stage — nestled around a rusted 55-gallon drum still warm from a bonfire the night before. By mid-morning, people stirred and tents came down. A young woman growled at the outreach worker who ventured near. The scene reflected one day’s uneasy equilibrium in the homelessness drama roiling the eastern Los Angeles County city of 150,000. While the city and county of Los Angeles attempt to conquer the problem with billions of dollars in new taxes for thousands of permanent supportive housing units, Pomona has taken a different tack……”

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