In the darkest corners of LA an Angel visits those close to death

10 Jul

I am moved to tears when I read this article about Anthony Ruffin, who found his calling among the homeless. I love Housing Works, a non-profit with a mission like that of Mother Teresa, yet here on the streets of LA loving homeless individuals most at risk of dying. Thank you Mollie for believing in Anthony. May God raise up “Anthony’s” across our nation , men who are emotionally engaged ,fully present, and committed to an ongoing presence being with the poor.

Angel in the Night 

“Mollie Lowery believed in Anthony Ruffin, and was convinced he would continue the work to which she had devoted her life. Before Lowery died last summer, the homeless outreach pioneer told me her protege had a story, but I’d have to get it from Ruffin himself.

I’d known the 48-year-old Ruffin as a tireless case manager for my friend Nathaniel Ayers. Aside from Lowery, I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to helping people with severe mental and physical illness. The work can be challenging, depressing and frustrating, because those with acute mental disorders often refuse assistance, and sometimes turn against the very people trying to help them.

But Ruffin keeps going back to the darkest corners of the city, undeterred, as if the next visit could bring a breakthrough. As if Lowery’s dictum — “whatever it takes, for as long as it takes” — is a call to duty……”


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