Affordable Housing Update for March 25th: A Win for Tenants’ Rights!

28 Mar

From March 25th, 2022

Rent Control advocates have submitted the signatures needed to have a charter amendment on the November 2022 ballot! This is a huge win for housing justice advocates and for the 62% of Pasadena households who are renters.

The proposal to rezone church land for affordable housing is moving along. The Planning Commission will meet with City Council in April with it’s recommendations, and City Council will meet to discusses the rezoning in May. If you are able and willing to speak at either of these meetings, or if you’re interested in writing emails to city leaders, please contact Bert at

Michelle White is a local Pasadenan with a passion for housing justice. She is the executive director of Affordable Housing Services and was a founding member of the grassroots affordable housing action group, which eventually turned into MHCH! Books could be written about Michelle’s story and passion and successes, both locally and nationally. Click here to learn more!

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