Affordable Housing Update for May 6th: Uplifting Mothers

8 May

From May 6th, 2022

This Mother’s Day we are keenly aware of the need to make housing affordable for Mothers. MHCH strives to increase the supply of affordable housing and has put in much effort to rezone congregational land to have affordable housing built by-right. The campaign in Pasadena has seen the proposal move from the planning committee to the City Council, but we need all hands on deck! There are several amendments we want changed or removed before the before the City Council meeting on May 23rd. Please email if you wish to get involved.

MHCH’s Congregational Land Committee began it’s first cohort of 12 congregations who are interested in having affordable housing built on their land! The cohort will attend 4 workshop sessions and begin the process of having a feasibility study on their site. This has the potential to create hundreds of units of affordable housing throughout LA County!

To read more, click here. And to donate to our summer “Breaking New Ground” campaign, click here.

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